• SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-PAJAMAMEN
    Thu 27 April - Sun 21 May
  • SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-ERICANDRE
    Thu 18 May
  • SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-JOELCREASEY
    Fri 12 May
  • SCF17-CRACKERNIGHT-SCF-slider-newshowsannounced
    Tue 25 & Wed 26 Apr - Enmore Theatre, The Concourse, Riverside Theatre
  • SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-MAEMARTIN
    Thu 27 - Sun 30 April
  • SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-AKMAL
    Fri 19 May
    Thu 11 - Sat 13 May
  • SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-ANNEEDMONDS
    Fri 12 - Sat 13 May
  • SCF17-WEBSITE-artistsliders-AUNTYDONNA
    Sat 20 May
  • SCF17-Gala-homepage-slider-SOLDOUT
    Sydney Opera House Gala - Mon 24 Apr
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