Tahir is one of Australia’s most decorated comedians, what he isn’t known for (yet!) is his amazing ability to perform absolutely terrible magic tricks.

Luckily(?), this will soon be rectified, because at this year’s Comedy Festival, Tahir combines killer jokes and woeful tricks – with hilarious results.

We’ve all seen good magicians who are pretty ordinary comedians. Well, now it’s time to see an award-winning comedian who is a VERY ordinary magician!

Warning: There might even be a good trick or two!

**This Event Is At The EQ Comedy Hub**

Reviewed by: Fringefeed

Review by Nanci Nott | 20 January 2024

Tahir Bilgiç is a performer and comedian, well-known for his acting work on Fat Pizza and Housos. In his solo Fringe show Tahir - The World's Best Worst Magician time, Tahir combines comedy and magic for the amusement of a far more family-friendly audience. Ominous milk, magical toilets, and hilarious babies abound in this genuinely fun show, that seriously gets kids cackling.


An intriguing selection of props makes the stage visually enticing from the get go, hinting at the silliness, magic, and fun yet to come. An amusing introduction leads to an array of ‘fully sick’ tricks, many of which make the audience murmur ‘aw-ma-gawd’. Some of the tricks lean into comedy more than magic, but there are some genuinely impressive ‘wow!’ moments amongst the peals of laughter. Tahir might not be the worst at being the best, but he is the best at being the worst, in all the right ways.


Swept up in Tahir’s entertaining momentum, the children in the audience make excited volunteer helpers, and even the adults get in on the action. Kids in the crowd are audibly thrilled whenever they think they have outsmarted the magician, doubly so when they are given certain step-by-step instructions.

Well chosen audio clips and a touching finale complement a well-structured - and comedically delivered - show. At the risk of sounding generic, Tahir - The World’s Best Worst Magician really is great fun for the whole family.