They say if you’re not going to do something right, don’t do it all. Tell that to all the terrible first dates, failed politicians and bad hair cuts. Just like them, this will be hilarious. Nothing gratifies the soul and humbles the mind than seeing a fool’s first attempt. This may not be our first attempt, but we are fools. Let us share with you the common problems we face in navigating this haphazard modern world with convoluted social rules, hysterical sexual interactions, comedic racial misunderstandings and absurd situations that let us know we are in this insane world together.

Stella Wu, a Hong Kong born comic with scything wit and charming persona will share with you her conflicting experiences between living in Honk Kong and Australia. Hilarity ensues as she shares her cultural misunderstandings and whimsical observations to bring a fresh perspective to an immigrant’s life in this country.

Yosef Bender, an Australian comic with Ukrainian/Jewish ancestry. You will be amazed at how he has managed to make if this far in life, as he serves you silly jokes and stories. His dark humour combined with his adorable, unassuming delivery will have you laughing and hating yourself at the same time.

So come on down and watch these rising stars offer a fresh perspective on what the hell is happening in this crazy world. Because being a pro is nice, but being an amateur is fun!