Ever taken a shit at the Opera House? Ever listened to Linger by the Cranberries on repeat for five hours? Ever looked a man deep in the eyes and told him he smells like lavender and regret? Sez has.

Armed with her guitar and mic, Australia's No.1 artist and poet invites you on her journey to cringe and find enlightenment via her digital footprint.

A five-foot-nothing dyslexic bisexual, the viral sensation will take you into the trenches of her past mistakes and folk-pop musings. It’s like if Jack Black and Lily Allen had a baby.

Take a deep dive into the comic who’s struck a chord with millions on TikTok. Crying into a kebab, roasting public toilets and, of course, dating f**kboys of Melbourne. Why does she have a shitlist? Why does she call herself Australia's No. 1 artist and poet? Come and find out!

You might think Sez is just an insufferable Gen Z influencer uploading wacky and viral videos to the internet - and you’re 100% right. But hey, might as well come along and see what all the fuss is about!

'Putting her potty mouth to good use' The Project

'Catchier than a pop song...as thought-provoking as Hannah Gadsby" - The Australian

'Since I love the musical arts (and men getting called out on their bad behaviour), I reached out to Sez' - Buzzfeed

**This show is included in the Sydney Comedy Festival FRESH Program**