An hour of conversational jokes and stories from a man that's worked every job known to mankind.

The jokes have been run up and down the east coast of Australia. The only crowd not to enjoy them has been middle-aged people from Cronulla, and that’s okay because Rohan doesn’t like them either.


Rohan Arneil is a former garbo/current stonemason. As a comedian he has performed all over Australia and internationally, starting his career in Sydney before moving to America for double the amount of gigs and a lower minimum wage. Rohan competed as a finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin (2019), then COVID sent him spiralling back to Sydney to work as a garbo.

Since his return, Rohan has appeared by invitation at the legendary Comedy Store in Sydney, frequently performs at the Newcastle Comedy Club, joined the Sydney Comedy Festival Show Case Tour (2023) and opened for Sam Taunton’s latest special.

He broadcasts weekly with Billy D’Arcy on 'Get Around Me' and has featured on the cult favourite comedy podcast 'The Mugg Off'.

Rohan premiered Top of the Food Chain to a sold out audience at Sydney Fringe Festival (2023).

“I’m so jealous of how funny Rohan is, but I push down that feeling and I wish him well. Go see his show.” Becky Lucas

**This show is included in the Sydney Comedy Festival FRESH Program**