This is the (nuclear) fusion you've been waiting for! A science comedy exploring how, even though we're mostly nothing, we still matter.

Unravel mysteries from inside the atom with award-winning Rachel Rayner, Science Explainer. Delve into language, lies, quantum-level realities: there are sure to be plenty of particularly smashing puns. Whatever your state, it'll be a quarking good time.

“Equal parts charm, chaos and intelligence. Dr Karl meets Barbie.” Fringefeed

“Do yourself a favour – you’ll laugh, you’ll learn.” Dr Karl.

Recommended by the Governor of SA and TimeOut editor's pick of the Sydney Fringe.

This strange yet charming adventure will be full of ups and downs while breaking open the truth and beauty of the atom.

After the success of A Flying Photon, which won the 2022 Adelaide Fringe Festival’s Science at the Fringe award, the award-winning formula is being bundled up into an exploration of the quantum world behind our everyday experiences alongside plenty of puns - all particularly smashing.

This science comedy for adults gives us space to contemplate and chuckle at the Universe and the happy accident that is the human race.