Don't miss Mitch Garling's return to the Sydney Comedy Festival with his new show "Big Fat Loser". After a year that saw him shed a whopping 50 kilos, Mitch is back and funnier than ever. Join us for a night of side-splitting laughter as Mitch shares hilarious anecdotes and observations about his incredible weight loss journey, navigating life's absurdities, and everything in between.

With his trademark wit and charm, Mitch delivers a comedic experience that's both relatable and riotously funny. From recounting the struggles of shedding those stubborn pounds to navigating the world as a new, slimmer version of himself, Mitch's material is as honest as it is hysterical.

Get ready to laugh until your sides ache as Mitch Garling takes the stage at the Sydney Comedy Festival. It's a show guaranteed to leave you in stitches and with a newfound appreciation for the lighter side of life!