Looking for laughs and great stories? Award-winning comedian/storyteller Matt Harvey is for you. Writer for The Shovel and The Shot, Matt has a touring history that spans Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

Sex shops, Robodebt and roller coasters!

Matt Harvey found himself about to be stood down, and the only support his decade long job offered was an email on how to sign up to Jobseeker. Now Matt has no day job and nothing to hold back.

Time to clock-in for a fast-paced hour of comedic storytelling in the angry world of customer service, where the daily grind is minimum wage, maximum grief... and the customer is always wrong.

From Robodebt and wage theft, to saving the lives of 18 people – all in a day's work when you earn minimum wage.

‘Unfailingly funny.' ★★★★ ArtsHub

‘Bursting at the seams with extraordinary stories.’ Theatre Thoughts

‘Classic stand-up comedy… taking a satisfying dive into a powerful anti-capitalist message.’ Regional News Wellington