Lucy Henderson has been murdered. But by whom? And with what weapon? In which room?

This interactive live comedy takes audiences through Lucy's personal version of classic murder-mystery game Cluedo to uncover the clues to solve the crime – each room, weapon and suspect having a hilarious story behind them.

Created by the Winner of Powerbomb Comedy's 2022 Joke Off Competition, this show is a strong contender for the Festival's highest rate of LPMs (Laughs Per Minute) and guaranteed highest CPMs (Clues Per Minute).

On the back of sold-out shows at Sydney and Perth Fringe Festivals it's worth rolling the dice on this rising star of the Australian comedy scene while you can, Sydney. Already awarded the prestigious Adelaide Fringe Fund grant, this show has picked up a lot of fans on it's Australian tour.

Theatre Travels confirms this hour with Lucy makes "a fun night out and a great way to bring a whole different method comedy".