Humans have started developing a genetically modified onion that doesn’t make you cry when you cut it. In our search for ultimate convenience, constant comfort, a total absence of pain, we’ve started doing weird shit. Join Lewis Garnham as he tries to make sense of the world (and himself) through an hour of stories, observations and pondering. 

Lewis’ comedy career has boomed this year, performing to sold out crowds at the 2023 Melbourne Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival.  

Recipient – Moosehead Award, 2024  

Nominee – Best Newcomer, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018  

Nominee – Best Comedy, Perth Fringe 2018  

Nominee – Best Emerging Artist, Adelaide Fringe 2017  

“A rich source of edgy jokes.” ★★★★ Chortle 2023  

“A true artist. How could one man be so funny?” Theatre Travels, 2023