Jeeves, a veteran of the sydney comedy scene, and the sydney dating scene, managed to escape one of the most terrifying of dates of his life... with his life! This experience had him beg the question "what is a monster?"

About Jeeves Verma: He is a Sydney comedian who has been disappointing his parents by building a career in professional scripted and improvised comedy for the last 5-6 years. Jeeves performs a new live show every year which has welcomed rave reviews at the Sydney Comedy and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals; he's a faculty member at Improv Theatre Sydney; hosts live trivia show on a regular basis and occasionally writes and produces sketch comedy for his YouTube channel. Jeeves studied Medicine once upon a time and chose to leave his medical career in pursuit of the "best medicine".

This show is about the monster in all of us and will either exorcise, or feed, your inner demon.

It’s easy to see why Jeeves Verma has been steadily growing in popularity- he is absolutely lovely....storytelling genius. -- The Plus Ones, Sydney

All the stories leave the audience no choice but to erupt into fits of laughter... there is nothing but laughs from the audience. -- The Plus Ones, Melbourne

Jeeves Verma will leave you laughing so hard, you will struggle to remain upright in your seat. -- The Plus Ones, Melbourne

There’s something endearing about this moustachioed teddy bear of a man. -- Herald Sun

Impressive impressions abound! …This is really personal comedy and it’s worth seeing. -- The Australia Times

Jeeves Verma is everything I need in a stand-up. Confident, charming and very, very funny.

- Dave Collins, The Umbilical Brothers