Winner Accessible Arts Access Award 2023 Sydney Fringe

Nominee Best in Comedy 2023 Sydney Fringe

Featuring the "Divergimon" neurodiversity card collection as seen on ABC News

Autistic ADHD pansexual JD Zamora has a "Fear Of Missing Out" on being, trying—and above all, doing—the whole buffet of life's options. Blessed with a lifetime supply of labels and more intersections than a major highway junction, too much is never quite enough for this Māori, mixed-race, queer, immigrant, adopted, neurodivergent, disabled, ex-religious, genetically mutated, geriatric millennial country boy.

Savour a satisfying smorgasbord of sticky subjects, salty satire, and spicy social commentary in this life-affirming comedy experience for the weird and the weird-at-heart alike; a celebration of the outsider inside us all. So, get your virtues ready for a good and proper signalling as the ultimate diversity hire muses upon the merits of membership within the majority of minorities, and you may even be excused from attending your next Woke Lives Matter rally.

"Neurodivergent, brain-bending subversion... a comedic powerhouse!" - Tim Ferguson, Doug Anthony All Stars