The brave corporate professionals of Australia just have to accept it. We can bear any meeting, call or email, as long as it gets us closer to priority boarding on overseas flights that aren't to Bali. So stop fighting it, realise you chose 'busy' as your whole personality and do cool stuff in the minimal time you do have off.

Late night email to the team = power move. “Find some time in my schedule” = power move. Senior staff sending progressively shorter emails the higher up the ladder they are = power move. Who cares… just ok my leave next winter so I can get enough European summer to get me through the next 12 months.

So if you more than occasionally forget family/loved ones birthday's and you can't relate to the weed-smoking, Centrelink-complaining, ironic t-shirt wearing comedy of your differently tax-bracketed contemporaries, this show is for you. Or if you can relate then sure, come along and indulge your class envy.

Stand-up comedy show with award-winning standup comedian and total corporate sell-out James Clark.


What's On Adelaide

"On his way to mastering his comedic art"

Hi-Fi Way, 2022