Edgy. Groundbreaking. Game changing. Rising Hollywood stars. These are all words we saw tattooed on a man sitting on the train eating raw meat. Anyway, we’ve got a new show.

Fresh from their award-winning sold-out 2023 show, Hot Department are back with a full hour of high energy, cinematic, unhinged sketch comedy.

As seen on ABC Comedy, Just For Laughs and opened for the likes of Patti Harison, Aunty Donna and Stingray Shirley (the world's first fishwoman comedian with a Netflix special filmed completely underwater! Many lives were lost during the taping due to an overlooked leak in the tank, but that didn’t stop Shirley from crushing it with her ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ flare and famous catchphrase “I mean, shell-ooooo”)

WINNER Sydney Comedy Festival Director’s Choice Award

“Mind-meltingly funny” - Beat

★★★★ “A cult following” - Chortle

★★★★ “This is NOT stand up” - The Age