Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

Ring Ring! Who’s that? Hollywood? Tell them I’m busy! Ha!

Liza fears her. Streisand wants to be her. Judy Garland circa 1950 lusts for her. Get ready for Tabitha Booth!

After a mystery hiatus and a lot of credit card debt, Tabitha Booth returns to the stage for the comeback no-one was expecting…or asked for.

Witness as she uses her last threads of sanity to share her life's work; from her breakout role as “Long Fork Lady”, to being kneecapped by Marylin Monroe for trying to harmonize “happy birthday”, it’s a night of all the classic stories and off-off-off Broadway hits you’ve never heard and love.

Join heavily medicated lounge singer Tabitha Booth for an intimate evening of unhinged comedy like no other.

Starring comedian Frankie McNair (Thank God You’re Here, Just For Laughs Sydney TV Gala and Question Everything) with Riley Bell.

"Rounding it out is Frankie McNair as the sultry, chain-smoking Tabitha Booth, cleverly interweaving her off-kilter humour with burlesque". The Age