Are you doing all the work, but your brain is still a jerk?

Growing Pains is a raw and hilarious stand-up show that delves into the rollercoaster ride that is self-discovery, mental health and the inevitable battle between our past and present selves.

Join DJ the Comic as she explores the unspoken challenges that often come after the big moments of self-realisation. It's about discovering that you deserve to be treated better and then panicking because now you have to do something about it. It's about the moment you start to set boundaries with the people who assumed you didn't know what a boundary was. It's about facing your darkest demons, and then crocheting them a warm blanket.

If you've ever been frustrated with concepts like toxic positivity, gratitude journals and 'just asking the universe for what you want' come to the show. There WILL be stories. There WILL be music. There WILL be sarcasm...


....and possibly blankets.


DJ the Comic is a Raw Comedy National Finalist and mental health advocate. Her experiences with ADHD, Anxiety and memory loss make for a hilariously unhinged night of laughter, self acceptance and stories that are equally cringe and binge-worthy.