How do you like your eggs?

Diana is back with her new show Sunny Side Up. What happens when you go through a break up? Drink, Cry and walk it off? She did by walking 300kms of the Camino De Santiago in Spain. On the famous pilgrim camino she realises she can flip the time and have them sunny side up. A fun, hearty show about blisters, Spanish wine and Italian Love/Men.

Last seen on Just For Laughs Australia (channel10), Great Australian Walks (SBS) and still disappointing her mother, you just have to flip it, to see the Sunny Side.

"a bit crude, a bit prissy, a bit tragic and a bit joyful. And very, very funny" ★★★★ TheBareFootReview

"Nguyen is a hoot who can sweep even the most blush-prone audience into her silliness." The Age

“…fun, celebratory, unapologetic and compelling show.” ★★★★

“naturally funny, and is an excellent storyteller” ★★★★★Lilithia 2023