"My Vagina Tried to Kill Me!" is not just a wild exclamation; it's the hilarious battle cry of comedian Annisa B! Buckle up for the most outrageous misdiagnosis rollercoaster you'll ever ride. Whether you're a proud owner of a vagina, curious about them, or simply made a grand entrance from one, this show guarantees side-splitting entertainment!

Annisa B fearlessly dives into the uproarious trials of living with endometriosis and adenomyosis. From navigating through wrong diagnoses to surviving induced menopause and braving surgeries during a pandemic, her witty anecdotes transform pain into punchlines and discomfort into belly-shaking laughs.

Join us for an evening filled with resilience, uproarious laughter, and a friendly reminder that humour is the ultimate remedy, especially when your uterus decides to go rogue and your vagina has a vendetta. Don't dare to miss out on "My Vagina Tried to Kill Me" – the comedy extravaganza that proves a sense of humour is your ultimate weapon, even against a rebellious vajayjay!