Annie Louey and Mohammed Magdi are comedians dating across continents. Annie is Chinese-Australian living in Melbourne. Mohammed is Egyptian but has lived in China for 11 years. Annie is still getting used to learning about her own Chinese culture through an Arab.

They first met on Love Island, aka Hong Kong. Annie returned to Australia with a long-distance relationship, a massive medical bill and 25 minutes of new material.

Meanwhile Mo stayed back in his Bachelor pad, crying into his bubble tea and scheming about how they could see each other again. And so, this show was born.

Will they feature next on 90-Day Fiancé? Because that’s all Mohammed has on his current visa. Or will he be left burning in Single’s Inferno? But most importantly, will Annie give up pork for love?

Mohammed has starred on Comedy Central Arabia and has toured across 15 countries and 30 cities around the world. Who knows, you might even catch him on Border Security.

Annie hosts China Tonight on ABC TV and had an episode of Australian Story filmed about her in 2023.

Reviews for Annie:

★★★★ The Age

‘She’s so comfortable up on the stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was born on one.’ Lilithia

Reviews for Mohammed:

‘Certifiably hilarious.’ Time Out Beijing

‘A performance that is funny but also thought-provoking.’ China Daily

"A review? One star. Why doesn’t he call me back?" Mohammed’s mum (in Arabic)