Anthony Locascio


Venue, Date & Time

The Comedy Store

Sat 5th Dec 2020 - 6:00pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$12.00 - $15.00

Recommended For

Ages 15+
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In relation to the global coronavirus pandemic, Anthony Locascio has advised that his event has been postponed.

All tickets purchased for the original dates will be honoured for the rescheduled dates listed below.



After selling out his debut Sydney Comedy Festival run in 2019 with 'Unaccounted', Anthony Locascio returns with a brand new hour of stand-up.

In order to become a man, every good Catholic boy must have his holy Confirmation at 12 years old. For reasons, Anthony never had his, and hence, never grew up. As a special treat, Anthony will have his Confirmation live on stage for the Sydney Comedy Festival in 2020!

In this show, Anthony enacts revenge on his school bullies by returning to his old school to coach Football like a tyrant, compares the Greek Orthodox and Catholic Churches, and tells the story of how he got punched in the face on stage. There will also be a few mentions of Mussolini.

So you are cordially invited to attend Anthony's Confirmation; in which a paranoid-narcissistic boy becomes a man who estimates romantic futures with girls based on the inventiveness of their first names. And it will all be performed in Anthony's patented 'f@%kboy toga'.

*stage attire subject to better judgement/change.

"Extremely Impressive" - Sydney Comedy Festival Director Jorge Menidis















 Not Your Average Wog Jesus

From Instagram influencers to gym bros and South African Jews – no one is safe as Sydney’s own Anthony Locascio turns the heat up on the melting pot of personalities that is Australia. His Sydney fringe festival show ‘The Worst of Both Worlds’ combines the observational comedy stylings of Seinfeld with the laconic dry wit that Australia and Britain’s best comics are known for, with an ethnic twist.

Leaving the corporate world behind to take on the cutthroat stand-up scene is no mean feat and, to his credit, Locascio comes out with flying colours. ‘The Worst of Both Worlds’ deftly weaves between original wordplays, cynical musings on life, and a surprisingly diverse and accurate range of accents that bring characters to life who we’ve all met at least once in our real lives.

The show’s title alludes to Locascio’s own background as the child of Greek and Italian immigrants. Yet while there is plenty of hilariously relatable content for the wog demographic and kids from immigrant backgrounds in general, he successfully avoids the trap that many Aussie comedians fall into of relying too heavily on the ethnic angle. Locascio instead delivers a distinctly original performance that is sure to make him a rising star of our burgeoning comedy scene. Just make sure you look past the man-bun.

Satya Marar is a Sydney-based freelance writer and public commentator. He appears on radio and TV and has been published in The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Hill, Quillette, Quadrant and Spectator Australia.














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