WHAT’S ON at Sydney Comedy Festival 2019 – Week 2

That’s right it’s Week TWO of the Sydney comedy Festival already.

Now we’re into the thick of it, say helloooo to your Week 2 lineup!



The Comedy Store, Wed 1st -4th May

Bondi Pavilion, Mon 29th Apr



Akmal – Open For Renovations, Sat 4th May

Arj Barker (USA) – We Need To Talk, Sat 4th May

Stephen K Amos (UK), The Story So Far



Jewish Comedy Showcase 2019, Mon 29th Apr

Tim Ferguson – A Fast Life on Wheels, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Jeff Green (UK) – Letters Home, Fri 3rd May

Cal Wilson – Gifted Underachiever, Sat 4th – 5th May

Dave Thornton – Lean Into It, Sat 4th – 5th May



Suren Jayemanne – I’m Here, All Weak, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Daniel Connell – Piece of Piss, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Makedonka Stoilova – Nosey!, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Lauren Bonner – Heartbreaker, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Fran Middleton – Fran Solo, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Arj Barker (USA) – We Need To Talk, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Dan Rath – Bubble Bath, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Ciaran Lyons – What’s Next?, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Bec Charlwood & Sian Smyth – Bad girls, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Bart Freebairn – Believe In Yourself, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Akmal – Open for renovations, Fri 3rd May

Rebecca De Unamuno – Impro-A-Go-Go, Sat 4th – 5th May

Eve Ellenbogen (USA) – Too Much, Sat 4th – 5th May

Joel Creasey – Drink. Slay. Repeat, Sat 4th – 5th

Dane Simpson - Origins, Sat 4th – 5th May

Stephen K Amos (UK) – The Story So Far, Sat 4th May

Billy D’Arcy – Background Lad, Sat 4th – 5th May

Charisa Bossinakis – None Taken, Sat 4th – 5th May

Andrew Barnett – Barney, Sat 4th – 5th May

Theatresports – All-Starts 80s vs 90s vs 00s, Sun 5th May



Andrew Hastings – Vulgar Display of comedy, Wed 1st, 3rd May

Best Of The Fest – Presented by Sydney Comedy Festival, Wed 1st – 5th May

Hannah Reilly – Direct Eye Contact, Wed 1st May

Tom Walker – Very Very, Wed 1st – 4th May

UTS Wom*n’s Revue – Encore Show, Wed 1st – 3rd May

Chelsea Zeller – Massive Bitch, Wed 1st, 3rd May

Yo Mama Battle – XI, Wed 1 – 3rd May

Cait Johnson – Whiz Bang, Wed 1st, 3rd May

Margot – How to Tell a Funny Caitlyn Jenner Joke, Wed 1st – 3rd May

Sam Taunton – Straight From the Shoulder, Wed 1st – 5th May

Dusty Rich (RSA) – The Lying King, Wed 1st, 3rd, 5th May

Pax Assadi (NZ) – Raised By Refugees, Wed 1st – 5th May

Daniel Townes – Indeed, Wed 1st – 5th May

Big Fancy Quiz – Hosted by Joe Shaffer, Thu 2nd, Sat 4th

Dusty rich (RSA) – Brain Grenade, Thu 2nd – 4th May 

Confetti Gun – Wives and Mothers, Thu 2nd, 4th, 5th May

Cameron Duggan – ‘Crowd Favourite’ Cameron Duggan, Thu 2nd, 4th, 5th May

Christian Elderfield – Suited and Rooted, Thu 2nd, 4th, 5th May

Pastor Jake Cherrytree – Lets Get Saved!, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Rowan Thambar – 23 and disappointed, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Ivan Aristeguieta (VEN) – The Fourth Floor, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Noughty Girls – A 2000s Pop-Culture Comedy, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Steve Hughes – Are You Serious?, Thu 2nd – 3rd May

Ibis – Your City, Our Bins, Fri 3rd May 

Simon Kennedy – Hairless Whisper, Thu 2nd – 5th May

Rome Sweet Rome – An Epically funny Roman Epic, Fri 3rd May

Late ‘n’ Live – Presented By Sydney Comedy Festival, Fri 3rd – 4th May

You Am I – The Majesty of Tap, Sat 4th May

Alexander Richmond – The Marvellous Snake boy, Sat 4th May

Anthony Tomic – Please Pray For Me, Sat 4th – 5th May 

Jacinta Gregory – 80s Nostalgia Sad Hour, Sat 4th – 5th May 

The Game is Afoot! – An Improvised Sherlock Holmes Mystery, Sat 4th – 5th May

Laura Hart – This Show Has My Dog In It, Sat 4th – 5th May



Carlo Ritchie & Steen Raskopoulos – The Bear Pack, 26 – 4 May

Steen Raskopoulos – You Heard, 2 – 5 May

Carlo Ritchie – Drinking For Two, 4 May 

Guy Montgomery (NZ) – I Was Part Of The Problem Before We Were Talking About It, 4 – 5 May 

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