WHAT’S ON at Sydney comedy Festival 2019 – Week 1

Welcome to the Sydney Comedy Festival 2019! 

It all kicks off with the famous Sydney Comedy Festival Galasan event bringing together the festivals biggest and next-big-things under one roof! 

We’ve done you a solid and have compiled a list of all the shows that are taking place across Sydney this week! Tickets are selling fast, don’t miss your chance to catch some of comedy’s greatest in Week 1 of the Fest. 


Enmore Theatre - Tue 23rd Apr
Sydney Opera House – Wed 24th Apr
Riverside Theatre - Wed 24th Apr
The Concourse - Thu 25th Apr



Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase – 25th April – 18th May

Des Bishop (USA/IRE) – The comments Section – Tue 23 – 28th Apr

Phill Jupitus (UK) – Sassy Knack, Wed 24th Apr

Larry Dean (SCO) – Bampot, Fri 26th Apr

Mark Forward (CAN) – Win All The Awards, Sat 27th Apr

Sean McLoughlin – Hail Mary, Sun 28th Apr



Rachael Millanta – Lower Your Expectations, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Phil Wang (UK/MYS) – Philly Philly Wang Wang, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Neek Kolhatkar – Live, Fri 26th Apr

Naomi Mourra – An Open Book, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

John Hastings (CAN) – Float Like a Butterfly, John Hastings Like a Bee, Fri 26th Apr 

Joe Lycett (UK) – I’m About To Lose Control and I Think Joe Lycett, Fri 26th – 27th Apr

Jinx Yeo (SGP) – Absurdly Asian, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Ben Kochan – Nice boys Seeks Kind Audience, Fri 26 – 28th Apr

Eli Matthewson (NS) – Myth And Legend, Fri 26 – 28th Apr

Fern Brady (UK) – Power and Chaos, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Daniel Sloss (SCO) – X, Sat 27th Apr

Jimmy McGhie (UK) – Need(y), Sat 27th – 28th Apr

David O’Doherty – ULTRASOUND, Sun 28th Apr



Foil, arms & Hog (IRE) – Craic-Ling, Tues 23 – 25th Apr

Mark Watson (UK) – The Infinite Show, Tue 23 – 24 Apr

USYD Womn’s Revue – School Splashtacular!, Wed 24th Apr

Lilly Starr – Big Lez, Wed 24th – 26th Apr

Amos gill – Almost Famos, Wed 24th – Sun 28th Apr

Jamali Maddix (UK) – Vape Lord, Wed 24 – 28th Apr

Phil Jupitus (UK) – Sassy Knack, Thu 25th Apr

Kanan Gill (IND) – Teetar, Fri 26th Apr

Tom Allen (UK) – Absolutely, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Melanie Bracewell (NZ) – Melodrama, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Storn Xu (CHN) – Study In Australia, Fri 26th -28th Apr

Larry Dean (SCO) Bampot, Sat 27th Apr

Ron Funches (USA) – Live, Sat 27th Apr

James Acaster (UK) – Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, Fri 26 – 27th Apr

Michael Shafar – 50/50, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Noodle girls – SMOOD: Full Throttle, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Jeeves Verma – Dowry of a Wimpy Kid, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

A Rose Between Two Thorns, Fri 26th Apr – 28th Apr

Craig Hill (SCO) – C’mon The Lads!, Fri 26th Apr – Sun 28th

Kai Humphries (UK) – Punch Drunk, Fri 26th – 28th Apr

Gareth Waugh – Just Me…?, Fri 26 – 28th Apr

Late ‘n’ Live – Presented by Sydney Comedy Festival, Fri 26th – 27th

Jason Leong (MYS) – Harmful If Swallowed, Sat 27th – 28th Apr

Gillian English (CAN) – 10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew, Fri 26 – 28th Apr

The Best Of The Fest, 26th Apr – 19th May



James Acaster (UK) – Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, Wed 24th Apr

So Fresh – A 90′s Singalong, Thu 25th Apr

Carlo Ritchie & Steen Raskopoulos – the bear Pack, Fri 26th – 27th Apr

Felicity Ward – Busting A Nut, Fri 26th – 27th Apr

Paul Food (UK) – Image Conscious, Fri 26th – 28th Apr


Don’t miss out on this week’s biggest LOL’s and grab your tickets by following the links above!

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