Lineup Announced to Chopper’s Anzac Day Special Show!

Chopper’s 4th Annual Bonza You Bewdy G’day Big F**kin Anzac Day Show Anzac Day, the day Australia became a nation – The day we celebrate being an Australian, by calling people UnAustralian for doing UnAustralian things; like playing soccer, not laughing when you read, ‘Phuket’ or chucking a sickie on a public holiday. The day we all get pissed and forget to remember all those we are supposed to be remembering. What is more Aussie than spending Anzac Day with Chopper? From two-up to harden the f**k up, join Chopper (Heath Franklin) and his regiment of comedy mates for a night of laughs, as they fasten bayonets, have a slice of damper and storm Sydney for one night only. Lineup includes:  

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