Funny Stuff Brewing at the Thatchers Cider House

Debuting at the Sydney Comedy Festival, Thatchers are opening their own Cider House at the Factory Theatre.

Set to house some of Australia and the world’s most intensely funny people including Ronny Chieng, Matt Okine, Eddie Ifft, an Improv Soap Opera, Full Body Contact No Love Tennis, Michael Hing and Sam McCool to round out the mix beautifully.

Whatever your taste, Thatchers Cider House is set to be home to a flavour of funny that is sure to put a smile on you dial (it’s a puntastic kind of day).



Ronny Chieng - 6 – 11 May & 13 – 17 May / More Info

“It’s my most mature personal hour of comedy yet. It’s my third hour, but I feel like it’s the most personal. You can expect a lot of over-reaction and you can expect some trash talking of Apple store employees”.




Matt Okine – 30 Apr – 3 May & 6 – 10 May / More Info

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it will keep you warm at night, especially if you have enough to make a snuggie made out of $50 notes. But what’s the point of wearing a money snuggie if there’s no-one there to tell you how stupid you look in it? Join one of Australia’s emerging comedy stars as he delves into a world where not knowing what you want is sometimes the best… especially when you get it.



Eddie Ifft – 30 Apr – 4 May / More Info

In a society where train wrecks are celebrated and compassion goes unnoticed, Eddie explores his favorite disasters from Celebrities, Crimes and Reality TV.



Michael Hing – 14 – 17 May / More Info

When he was 16, Michael Hing (SBS, Can of Worms) wrote a 5,000 word list of everything he ever wanted in a girlfriend. At the time of writing this blurb, he remains single.Following on from a year of sell out shows and critical acclaim, Michael returns to Sydney with an hour long show about romance, adventure, growing up, and realising some stuff at 28 that most other people worked out in high school.




Sam McCool – 9 – 10 May / More Info

2014 marks Sam’s debut at the Sydney Comedy Festival, for which he’s written a brand NEW show on his adventures and observations around the globe, and tackles the eternal question of whether humanity can resolve our differences once and for all.A master of accents, and cultural observations this show promises to be world-class comedy for a world-class city.




Improv Soap Opera - 3 – 17 May / More Info

character based improvisation SOAP OPERA in the style of The Bold and the Beautiful and Neighbours. From the same team who brought the sell out shows ‘Improm’ and ‘Bear Pack vs Cubs’ at previous Sydney Comedy Festivals. This is one Soap Opera you cannot miss.

Improv Soap Opera



Full Body Contact No Love Tennis - 16 May / More Info

Sydney’s best regular improv night, and we’re bringing our greatest ever formats for a special return season. Over three nights, the most beloved Tennis shows will be performed for you with a stellar cast of the world’s greatest improvisors and special guests

Full Body Contact, No Love Tennis


Fresh to the Australian market but steeped in family tradition, Thatchers Gold Cider shows us they know what they are about when it comes to crafting a golden comedy line up. Thatchers just happen to produce the UKs number 2 draught cider, not bad for a family owned company from Somerset who are now launching Thatchers Gold Draught here in Oz.

Thatchers are playing host to some of Australia and the world’s best at the Sydney Comedy Festival in their very own Cider House at the Factory Theatre.


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