From the refugee camp to the stage introducing 2019 Fresh Artist Oliver Twist.

Moving from Rwanda to Brisbane in 2014, he’s become a RAW National Finalist and now Sydney comedy Festival Fresh Artist. We sat down with Oliver Twist to discuss his show and his hot tips for the festival. 


When and where was your first gig? 

My very first gig was The Sit Down Comedy Club at New Market Hotel, just outside of Brisbane CBD. 

What do you love most about being a comedian? 

It’s nice to just talk uninterrupted. 

What can we expect from your debut Sydney Comedy Festival show?

My Debut show is about how I ended up in Australia it’s great (expect greatness).

Your best advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in comedy? 

Don’t do it unless you have to! 

The funniest person you know who’s not a comedian and why?

Wolfgang (He is on the brink of good insanity)

Your hot tips for this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival? 

Drink more water (Hot Tip)


 See Oliver’s show ‘HUTU’ at Enmore Theatre from 16 – 17 May

Reflecting on how he ended up in Australia, after four years of living in the outback Oliver is actually feeling a sense of belonging. How? Because he finally knows how to handle a magpie attack. See him attempt to explain where he is coming from (childhood), and how that has shaped the way he thinks and feels about the world.


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