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This Is Going To Hurt

With Jamie Dunn

No Sorry, You Go

Curly & Coordinated

Sorry For Before

Achievements & Sparkles

Big Dolphin Energy

My Neck, My Back

Throws A Stool At The Audience

At The Factory Theatre

Why Am I Still Single

Anxiously Arrogant

Titanic: A Love Story

The Twist...? She's Gorgeous

The Anti-Expert's Guide to Everything

I Thought It Would Be Nice

Concetta & Bea Are Really Fun & Incredibly Cool

Stand Up Show

Strawberry Palace

Pimpin' Ain't Easy (But I Reckon it's Easier for Straight, White Men?)

Little Ray of Sunshine

A Day at Chernobyl

Astonishing Obscurity

Trolls: Not The Dolls

Chasing Keanu Reeves

Speech Therapy

Love Me Tinder

Celebrities Patting Animals

An Evening With Fiona O'loughlin & Mickey D

Addresses The Nation

Before The Screaming Starts

At The Enmore Theatre

Very Important and Extremely Brave


Well Well Well, If It Isn't The Man She Told You Not To Worry About

Open For Business

Women Are Miraculous

Watch Your Language

Strip Club Einstein

Wombat Combat and Other Mistakes

Double Take and Fade Away

Frankenstein's Lobster

Jeneane's Kinky Room Of Astrology & Ciggiez

A Comedy Show To Watch With Your Parents


It's Kevin Bloody Jin!

The Spring Break Tour

The Worst Train I've Ever Built


Australian Tour 2020

Nina Oyama Is 'Doing Me' Right Now

Ladi Dadi Assadi Like To Party

Open Your Sound Hole

Hi It's Me Ray, But You Can Call Me Ray

An Evening With Rebecca De Unamuno

Symphony in J Minor

Assault on Certainty

Is a Super Funny Boy

Female Musical Comedian

At The Grounds of Alexandria

Farm Backpacker (subclass 417)

An Improvised Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Classy Warfare

I'll See Myself Out