Ben Russell and Maggie Looke present Ultimate Hollywood Tours

Join Ben and Maggie's Ultimate Hollywood Tours. This really, really intimate tour of the hot streets of LA will allow you to take in some slightly notable locations to tell your friends about. Please be warned that we may experience some of the homeowners or characters LA brings with it along the way. They may engage us with some local history or set their dogs on us. Please ignore them! Ulimate Hollywood Tours are hoping to go public on the NASDAC in the future and can't be dealing with any PR nightmares.

"★★★★½ unlike anything even the most seasoned festival-goer will have seen before" - The Age

So some may call it a walking tour, but steps are kept to a minimum as this is America. Headphones provided.

Before you come please check back to the webpage for the starting location as it may change. Hopefully not.    

Ultimate Hollywood Tours takes place under cover and will go ahead even in inclement weather. Please dress warm and wear shoes.

Production Design by Tom Armstrong.
Images by Matt Solomon.