In 2019, a shitty podcast crowdfunded Nick to travel to London via the worst route and means imaginable – all in a tuxedo and tophat.  

His unorthodox travel get-up accompanied him through Asia, across Europe, finally stepping foot on the cliffs of Dover before doing it all again throughout regional Australia a few months later. If this wasn't enough, he was charged with emasculating missions by his merciless crowdfunding followers.   

If you’ve ever dreamt of doing something crazy but haven’t had the guts (or stupidity), join Nick as he shares his own bizarre travel tales, and uses drawings, songs and his trademark goofish charm to convince you to bite the bullet!  

'A peculiar take on reality with quirky appeal.' - Chortle (UK)  

'His “clueless” charm and loose, laid back approach to comedy makes him immediately endearing and relatable.' ★★★★★ - Winning at Failing    

'Nick Capper has never not bring the house down. The man is a comedy assassin...he’s gonna be a star, and I’m jealous.' - Nazeem Hussain