It's an hour of great jokes i've worked on. Nothing more, nothing less. I think they're really good and a lot of other people agree too. Come see it for yourself, i'm sure you won't be disappointed. Have a great day but also have a great everyday. 

Writer, comedian, actor and full fledged #baller, Nat Damena is fast becoming one of the most exciting voices in the Australian comedy circuit.  

His playful but provoking style of comedy mixed with a dynamic stage presence have seen him gather over 2900 Instagram followers, 340 Facebook likes and 0 YouTube subscribers  (all dropping by the day!) 

He was selected as part of The Comedy Zone in 2017. A prestigious event showcasing the top 5 emerging comedians in Australia at the Melbourne International Comedy festival. 

In his short time in comedy he has toured extensively around Australia, both independently and with the Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase tour. 


'Nat Damena makes comedy look like a walk in the park…which for him it so clearly is"  - Herald Sun 

 "Quite a talent" - Weekend Notes 

 "Technical difficulties didn’t allow for Nat Damena's full set" - Popculture-y