Disability, Sex and the NDIS... what more could a gal want?

So Brave is a dazzling hour of comedy written and performed by award-winning comedian Madeleine Stewart and directed by Melbourne International Comedy Festival award winner Jason Marion.

Madeleine is just your average one-handed girl looking for love in a two-handed world. With wicked humour and brutal honesty Maddie navigates the uncharted territories of inter-abled dating, non-consensual prayer and inspiration porn, all in the pursuit of sexiness. Or at least a good shag.

A funny gal with a sweet demeanour, veiling razor-sharp wit, Madeleine will keep you on your toes and entertained. You may have caught her episode on Dylan Alcott’s 'Listen-Able' podcast, or seen her on Tonightly (ABC). Madeleine is a powerhouse who has worked alongside Adam Hills, Andrew Denton and Rove McManus to name a few.

'Madeleine Stewart is one of the most exciting young talents... and she is all about embracing the awkward, wacky and wonderful.' Adelaide Advertiser