Hoo Dis? 

It’s me! Lizzy Hoo. Weird kooky times amirite?! Bushfires and pandemic woah. Lol 2020. Everyone hates each other too. 

Should I say anything or just stay quiet? Do you think we’re doing too much or not enough? Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got a dog! Cute. He’s a rescue. Have you tried that new restaurant near you? It’s so good. Yum! Love it. Okay byeeeee. 

The world seems a little weird but I THINK we’re going to be okay. 

Originally from Brisbane, Lizzy Hoo (now a Sydneysider) is the rising star to watch in 2021. 

Lizzy managed to perform at the Sydney Opera House three times in 2020 – no small feat given the year it was! 

As seen on Channel 10’s Just For Laughs, ABC Life & SBS Voices.