Katie and Grace are back with more tales that span their 12 year friendship. Now both over 30, Katie is a part-time sexist and Grace has realised pub trivia is a thing for your 20's. From turbo singles stories, successful isolationships and growing wine consumption from pandemic unemployment. Their on-brand confessional style stories are ever present as they prepare to tell you Every. Single. Detail.   

Following on from sell out season of "Katie & Grace's Hour of Power" at Sydney Fringe Comedy 2019, stellar seasons of "Katie & Grace's Hour of Power" and  "Katie & Grace's Hour of Power: With Friends" at the Flight Path Theatre as well as a mid pandemic Zoom show "Katie & Grace: In conversation" as part of Adelaide Fringe View 2020. Katie and Grace will make you cringe all over again but you'll be reminded that life ain't all that bad with your best friend by your side.  

"Painfully relatable, hilarious and extremely real; this show made me smile so much my cheeks hurt" Theatre Travels.