“This comedy alchemist is the mad genius of mash-ups” – The Music. 

★★★★ – Funny Tonne (VIC) 

Jared might look cute, bubbly and care-free at a glance, but get to know them and you will find yourself frolicking in a kafka-esque rainbow-wasteland of mental illness, addictions and identity struggles… all wrapped up neatly with a glittery bow made of ROFLs, LOLs & LMAOs. 

Jared will attempt to deconstruct their life as a 32 year old, Non-Binary, Bisexual Jew, the only way they know how; by sublimating all their pain into art. 

This will be the comedic equivalent of doing fractal geometry on trial psychedelics at an underground Berlin nightclub. 

“Scintillating surrealist performer” – The Brag 

★★★★ – Hugging Comedians (VIC) 

Has played UCB New York, The World Famous Comedy Store (Hollywood), support act for Tony Hinchcliffe, DJ Douggpound, Ari Shaffir & Tom Green 

*contains themes