Jackie Loeb is 'Mid Century Modern'.

Our heroine, Jackie Loeb is in limbo. Caught between the old-school, cigarette stained, artificially flavoured, dump your rubbish in the ocean, wolf-whistling-bum-pinching tested on animals coated with the pink slime they put in hamburgers world AND the low carbon emission, responsibly packaged, hybrid, smaller portioned, farm to table, fluid, plant-based, cruelty free, sustainable and non-binary hemp infused world we live in today.

In under sixty minutes, Jackie must navigate her way out of the stenchy asbestos-based world ruled by factory farmed men who wear shorts with long socks TO the energy efficient ergonomic all-inclusive yet completely polarised hybrid new world. If she fails to find a hydrogen fuelled vehicle to make this journey in, Jackie risks being recycled, repurposed, erased and possibly canceled.

Will Jackie be able to learn, grow, evolve and have her own digital virtual ETSY shop or will she remain stuck in the fossil fuelled analogue processed deli-meat world in which she was born? Pack up your pronouns, there's a show to go see!

Jackie Loeb is a comic, actor, musician and cat aficionado. She has appeared on many television shows both in Australia and the US, and can currently be heard on the Netflix animated series Trash Truck where she plays the role of a wise and loveable Australian rat.

"Gobsmackingly Excellent" The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Not to be Missed" LA Times