Two and a Half immigrants will blow your mind. Like your skull will crack open and your brain will come flying out, leaving you brainlessly numb and happy.

A Chinese superstar, an Indian hero and a half Vietnamese IT Nerd will come on stage and take you on a hilarious journey of a lifetime.

David: A Vietnamese-Chinese comedian born and raised in Sydney. David is a regular around the Sydney comedy scene. He hopes he can invite his parents to a show without them being offended.

Aditya: Born and raised in Delhi. Aditya is the living embodiment of why you should listen to your parents. He might not be funny, talented or rich, but he makes up for it with his good looks.

HE: She grew up in a small town of Chongqing, China, a mountainous region. Her family lived in that area for generations with a strong passion for drinking, cursing, and gambling. During her years of living abroad she has discovered that stand-up comedy is the best anger management technique to keep people around her safe.