In a world plunged to darkness, all we can do is laff. Which is why I’ve written a show about the crisis of living and also memes and also turning 30 and also boys. There will be songs and mixed media and maybe even a live audience (?). It's a juicy little morsel for the gays, theys and theatre sluts - and it will be giving so much Char. Please come I love you <3

After winning Best Newcomer at the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Charlie Lewin feels an undeniable need to top himself... a big ask for a notorious bottom. In this scintillating sequel, Australia's hottest ""rising star of stand up"" (The Music) is having a crisis. It’s giving camp. It’s giving chaos. It’s giving a third thing. But mostly, baby, It's Giving Char.

'He's here, he's queer. Snap up a ticket, quick!' - The Age

'A rising star of stand-up. Lewin commands the stage like a Broadway theatre.' - The Music

'Fresh, reflective and very funny. Lewin has a sparkling future ahead of him.' - Weekend Notes

Please be advised, unfortunately this room is not wheelchair accessible.