Brendan has been a very, very naughty boy. 
So naughty that following the mounting community pressure he has finally been forced to apologise. And the only way he knows how is a national tour with only one stop. Brendan would be thrilled if you joined him for a night of holding space to take a breath and finally take a look at the boy behind the curtain.* 
Brendan Hancock is a Sydney based comedian who is well-known on the scene. You’ve heard him on FBi radio, seen him host the rave-reviewed Two Queers Walk Into a Bar at Giant Dwarf Theatre and as the resident MC of Darlo Underground at Darlinghurst Theatre. Not one to let 2020 get him down, he also co-produced the Two Queers Festival, Australia’s first queer comedy festival! 
Already a crowd favourite, and “absolutely worth seeing” (Theatre Travels), Brendan recently spent the entire month of January with his dog Sam and had a nice time. 
“...everything we didn’t know we needed.” - Time Out Sydney 
“He has the overwhelming confidence of someone who doesn’t technically have a real job.” - Theatre Travels 
*Brendan will not be apologising to Tim Winton.