One global pandemic later, Beth is still single. Don't worry, she's shocked too.
Originally set to debut at last year's festival 2020, this show has since evolved, changed and become even more glorious with age, much like Beth's hot AF bod. 

Why Am I Still Single (Version 3.0: The Finale) will erupt on the stage in 2021 in a brand new, mostly-improvised two-part Comedy Westival format: 

Saturday 1st May - 9.30pm - The Wedding 

Sunday 2nd May - 8.30pm - The Reception 

A comedic reclamation of singledom Why Am I Still Single (Version 3.0: The Finale) is a commiserating, vindicating and horny interrogation into modern dating life via a performance-art-infused, standup-style storytelling-cabaret-cum-Ted-Talk (it's a lot). 

Featuring special wedding gala guests Marissa Saroca, Marcel Blanch-de Wilt, Brendan Hancock and Jacinta Gregory (with more to be announced!), this show has something for everyone - newcomers and long-term subscribers alike. 

If you've seen either or both of the previous versions, you will not want to miss this. 

If you've never heard of or seen Beth perform before - she'd love to meet you.  

If this all makes you feel nervous and unsure about taking a leap of faith, just ask yourself - do you feel lucky? 

Come one, come all to this joyful celebration of giving up and accepting that nothing actually means anything because what even is time.  

Just don't expect Beth to remember her lines (and if you've seen her perform before, you've probably learnt that lesson by now anyway). 

“An almost visceral experience that is so many things all at once” ★★★★ The Funny Tonne  

"Funny and moving…perfectly straddles the line of humour and poignancy” ★★★★ The Upside News  

"Thought provoking, original, and quirky" ★★★★ The Clothesline 

"Emotional, gritty and raw. I am grateful that we stumbled across this intimate performance through Promotix, otherwise we would have missed out on one of the best performances we've ever seen." - Anonymous Promotix Customer who went to a different show of Beth's - Obstinate Little Tart - (AKA: Plz buy tickets to her show so she doesn't have to give them away. You heard it here first - it will be one of the best performances you've ever seen! )

"Deliriously funny...she does not hold back" - The Big Smoke 

“Show-stopping” - Great Scott Media 

"Hilarious and truthful" - Theatre Travels 

"Intimate in subject, personal in detail, epic in staging." - Chuck Moore Reviews About 

"A hoot." - Sydney Arts Guide 

"Authentic and truly relatable." - Theatre Now