Picture this: your mum belly-flopping purposefully onto her birthday cake. Your mum getting into a scuffle at your high school art exhibition. Your mum stripping bare at a Cold Chisel concert. Perfect Child holds a magnifying glass to families, addiction, mental illness and magpie attacks. 

Once described as “the funniest in Sydney by an Illawarra mile”, writer, performer and queer-rights activist Annaliese Constable’s whip-sharp mind and deadpan delivery clash in all the right ways to present her tragicomedy Perfect Child – a brutally honest take on parenting, childhood and what it’s like to have a mum who once tried to take a swig from a breathalyser. 

Annaliese is an exciting emerging comedian who walks the fine line between tragedy and comedy with the agility of a world-class tightrope walker. You’ll either walk away from Perfect Child feeling like your childhood was an unrelenting delight or you may find yourself looking for the good scissors so you can finally cut that cord. 

 “Every family is colourful but my family is like an oil slick eclipse, you desperately want to watch but without the right tools you’ll be blinded and most likely vomit.” Annaliese Constable 

 Annaliese has been writing and performing her original, confronting, and darkly hilarious works for years on the underground queer scene. She is smart, uncompromising, and has an incredibly strong voice. Annaliese is a great talent and I can't recommend her highly enough.” Zoe Coombs Marr (Winner of the Barry Award for best show at the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 

Annaliese Constable knows how to tell a damn good (and darkly funny) story.” Time Out Sydney 

Perfect Child is presented in partnership with Maeve Marsden's Queerstories. 

Content Warning: 
Perfect Child contains reference to inter-generational trauma, domestic violence, self harm, suicide, paedophilia, substance addiction, mental health distress, LGBQ violence, gambling, knife/weapons, and animal cruelty.