My nickname is Taco – the first girl I ever kissed thought I looked Mexican. I'm Colombian actually. My Mum was backpacking in South America when she was 22, came home and found out she was pregnant. In September 2019 I met my biological father for the first time. It got heaps of likes on Instagram, so I've written a show about it. 
'Taking serious, personal topics and effortlessly turning them into jokes is a skill many comedians would kill for, and Taco has it in spades.' X-Press Magazine 
'An effortless and vulnerable charm seldom seen on the stand-up stage, even from the most famous comic minds.' The Music 
Since first performing stand-up in 2012, Aidan Jones has sold out runs in the Edinburgh Fringe, Perth Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne Comedy Festival. He is also a regular at comedy clubs all around Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia - his hilarious and honest storytelling is quickly earning him an exciting reputation, with the West Australian in 2020 calling him, "one of the most clever young minds on the Aussie comedy circuit."