Aliya Kanani (CAN)

Where You From, From?

Venue, Date & Time

Factory Theatre

Wed 29th Apr 2020 - 7:00pm

Thu 30th Apr 2020 - 8:15pm

Fri 1st May 2020 - 7:00pm

Sat 2nd May 2020 - 8:15pm

Sun 3rd May 2020 - 7:15pm

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$18.00 - $25.00

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Over 18s Only
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EVENT CANCELLED - Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, this show has been cancelled. All Patrons will receive information from Ticketek regarding refunds.

30 countries, 10 schools, 6 languages (okay, not totally fluently, but who’s counting?), where is she from? Good question. 

With her internationally SOLD-OUT show, including the 2019 Just for Laughs festival,  Melbourne International Comedy Festival and 2020 Fringe World Perth, Canada-based comedian, Aliya Kanani, takes you on a turbulent journey around the world with tales of fitting in, sticking out and standing up. Her pleasant nature, combined with her fiery spirit, leaves audiences energized and uplifted. 

“While her ‘otherness’ is the central theme of the conversation in…the heart of Kanani's show is in forming a ‘togetherness’ with the room...ensuring the audience always has plenty to laugh at and plenty to bond over.” - My Melbourne Arts

How does one find a place of belonging in a place they don’t fit in? Using humour, Aliya learned to adapt to any situation and take up space in her life’s ever-changing backdrop. Always the new kid in school, Aliya was an easy target... until she learned the only way to really deal with a bully was to bully them back! 

From a young age, Aliya’s family relocated from one Canadian city to the next, and when they ran out of places… they went to Africa! This nomadic lifestyle gave her a taste for travel and adventure she couldn't shake. So naturally, she became a flight attendant! 

Travelling the world, Aliya experienced even more cultures. Her curious nature sometimes got her into trouble, but she somehow always managed to talk her way out of it. How? Usually by making people laugh... sometimes without even speaking their language! 

After all her roaming, Aliya still can’t figure how to answer the question: 'Where you from?' 

Known for her playful and mischievous personality, Aliya has appeared on StandUp NBC-New York, SiriusXm’s Top Comic, JFL42 and CBC-LOL network.

"This performance builds to a beautiful climax that makes you want more. By the end you feel like you could easily watch another hour of her – display her comical wisdom." ★★★★ - Fourth Wall Media, 2020

“While her ‘otherness’ is the central theme of the conversation in Where You From, From?, the heart of Kanani's show is in forming a ‘togetherness’ with the room and her audience...ensuring the audience always has plenty to laugh at and plenty to bond over.” - My Melbourne Arts, 2019

“Aliya was exuberant and... well... funny. An important part of the show and something not to overlook is the improvisation of audience participation, an excellent display of Aliya’s capacity to think quickly on her feet, proving her capacity to talk herself out of any situation... leaving us smiling as she does so.” - Pationpics, 2019

“She had one of those excellent comedy scripts which twisted and turned and landed back at where she started, hilarity aboard on the way there, of course.” - Weekend Notes, 2019

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