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The Mugg Off

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Factory Theatre

Fri 1st May 2020 - 10:45pm

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Over 18s Only
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The first ever LIVE Mugg Off Podcast.

Gerard McGowan, Cameron Duggan & Yaz bring in a special guest to talk about when they've been mugged off!

Previous Guests:
Becky Lucas, Luke Heggie, Sam Taunton, Tom Cashman, John Cruckshank, Lauren Bonner, Zack Dyer, half of Ray Badran & MORE

My thoughts on Yumi vs KAK

I respect both of your opinions. My article was about how morning TV personalities work, not the specific comments KAK made. Yes, some found them racist, but others within the indigenous community did not think they were. I just think in this day-and-age calling someone racist is a very powerful label. I don't think it should be thrown around willy-nilly by a co-host.


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