Sam Wade

Inner World

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Factory Theatre

Wed 29th Apr 2020 - 7:00pm

Fri 1st May 2020 - 7:00pm

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$12.75 - $17.85

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Over 18s Only
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EVENT CANCELLED - Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, this show has been cancelled. All Patrons will receive information from Ticketek regarding refunds.

The real world is absolute bollocks. Full of social obligations, slow walking commuters, and existential angst. That’s why Sam Wade, spends so much time in his Inner World™. A storied and character-driven wonderland of anecdotes and observations with soft neon lighting. For a limited time, he'll be opening up his brain hatch to allow audiences into his mind cave.

Join Sam for an hour. Have a laugh, eat some cake and embrace the weird.

Directed by Richard Cornally

“A consummate comedian that reduced his audience to tears of laughter”  Georgina Smerd - Glam Adelaide

"Wade is a funny joy to see, and a funny joy to hear, in this (or any) world." - Chuck Moore reviews about

Sam Wade: Inner World (The Newsagency at Sydney Fringe 2019)

Clever and very funny, Sam Wade claims he’s a talker, not a doer. That may be true in that annoying real world thing he has to reluctantly deal and connect with “while not a part of” (there’s a reason, all diagnosed). In his comedy show though, it’s another story. “Stories” actually, all laugh out loud – often at things you may not expect and maybe should not. Like a friendly warped, very descriptive Play School or Australian Story, with lots of not-for-kids material, physical clowning comedy and John Cleese level frustrations with – everything. A show-within-a-show fixture of Irene Nicola's "Revenge" and the ongoing variety show delight “Antipasto” he and Nicola unleash regularly at the same venue of #TheNewsagency (like this Sat 14 Sep), “Inner World” is his chance to own the stage all by himself. And he does. It all started back in small home town Nowra, where pets and his best friend C… D… P… (and his sister) combine for a very bad day (especially for the house pets) and a discovery by Wade he can make people laugh. Good discovery. Detailed sharing (to put it nicely). Naughty (refer previous comment). Holding your own when things go wrong. How cooking shows ruin their ingredients (not what you think, and also what you think). Babies, real jobs, real people… oh no, well, what can you say (quite a lot actually, all of it ‘wow… he went there, and I l still laughed”…)…and… and… And maybe back to where it all began. Not remotely close to the Comedian Stands Rigidly At Their Microphone, and full of moments to connect with the audience (irony intended and no-one complained) – and for the venue’s resident tech wizard to bath Wade in lighting punch-lines… Everyone was sad to see ”Inner World” fin. Make sure you get to The Newsagency (both full stop and specifically ‘Inner World’) to see it before its return Sydney Fringe season does. Fin that is. Wade is a funny joy to see, and a funny joy to hear, in this (or any) world

- Chuck Moore Reviews About


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