Choo Choo Troupe

Choo Choo Troupe Alicia Gonzalez and Debbie Zukerman

You'll Never Guess Where I Hid the Cheese

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Factory Theatre

Sat 28th Apr 2018 - 12:30 pm

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All Ages
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Bobbi and Wanda are superheroes, and they’re here to defeat the evil Mr Cheesehead. But first they're going to have a snack. And maybe a nap.

"100 out of 10" - Finnley (8)

"That was inspiring" - Chris (38)

The 'out-of-the-ordinary' (The Plus Ones) Debbie Zukerman and 'superb' (Adelaide Theatre Guide) Alicia Gonzalez will take you on an adventure into the heart of Cheese.

Imagine! Freddy Mercury with a cheesehead, extravagantly mimed escapes and lots of cheesy portmanteaus ("it’s a travescheese!”). Next to all this, there's Steve Meagher on the keys, making the full range of dinky sound effects and musical wonders on a Korg R3 synthesizer.

Will Bobbi and Wanda be able to stop Mr Cheesehead? (Um. Maybe. Probably not.)

'Choo Choo Troupe is… a force for good.' Sydney Arts Guide

Suitable for ages 4-11 years old. 

“Choo Choo Troupe is… a force for good” - Sydney Arts Guide

What the punters said:

“I saw your show! it was really good!”  - Christian (8)

"You know what Milo’s favourite song is? 'Another One Bites the Cheese'. He sings it all the time” - Baxter (8)

"Never imagined I'd have so much fun in a family show, it was fantastic! Hilarious! You're real superheroes." - Carolina 

"Finn loved it. Totally interactive with the kids. And as a parent hilarious - both the play and watching the kids have a ball and steal the show away" - Nicole

“I kind of want to come back tomorrow, just to see what happens”- Kath 

“That was inspiring” - Chris



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