Century Entertainment presents

Aunty Donna

Big Boys

Venue, Date & Time

The Enmore Theatre

Sat 20th May 2017 - 9:30 pm

Sun 21st May 2017 - 8:30 pm

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Recommended For

Ages 15+
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Professional entertainment consisting of jokes & sketches intended to make an audience laugh.

“It's sweaty, it's loud, it's ridiculous & it's loads of fun” ★★★★  The Music

“Funny as hell” ★★★★  Herald sun

Over 147k subscribers and 21.5 million hits on YouTube

“It's sweaty, it's loud, it's ridiculous and it's loads of fun” ★★★★  The Music

“Sketching out comedy gold”  Herald Sun

“Why should you go see an act called Aunty Donna? Because it is probably the funniest show you will see at the Fringe this year!” ★★★★★  The Upside Down News

"They aren’t the future of Australian comedy. They’re the now. So get around them.”  Farrago

“Funny as hell” ★★★★  Herald sun

“This bizarre, outlandish sketch comedy is guaranteed to make you wet your pantaloons and shit your tent”   Vulture Mag

“Do whatever it takes to get tickets to this show★★★★★  Vulture Mag

“as if Hi-5 were fused with Monty Python” “a bedazzling, belly-laugh-inducing show.” ★★★★  BEAT mag


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