THE 10TH BIRTHDAY GALA: Celebrating Our Tenth Year In Style

With only one week of the Festival left it was time to celebrate our tenth birthday year in style with the Sydney Comedy Festival 10th Birthday Gala at The Enmore Theatre!

The gala was a special one-night-only comedy event hosted by Julia Morris and featured some of the best and funniest comedians of the Festival with a huge line up of international superstars and comedy royalty, including Dom Irrera (US)Tony Woods (US)Craig Hill (SCO)Reginald D Hunter (US)Tom GleesonJarred Christmas (NZ)Tommy Dean (US)Fiona O’Loughlin, Randy and Jackie Loeb. 




IMG_0053Julia Morris (MC) onstage at the Enmore Theatre (photo: Anneliese Nappa)


IMG_0419Jackie Loeb onstage at the 10th Birthday Gala (photo: Anneliese Nappa) 


Fiona O’Loughlin, Tommy Dean (USA), Tom Gleeson & Dom Irrera (USA) backstage at the 10th Birthday Gala (Photo: Anneliese Nappa)


Catch up on all the behind the scenes and onstage photos for the 10th Birthday Gala at the Enmore Theatre on Facebook!

All the while the lovely Kyran Wheatley was there to catch up on all the behind the scenes action… take a listen to the interviews via our Official Podcast!



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