FRESH artist Lizzy Hoo makes her Festival debut!

FRESH from being booed off stage by her 12 yo niece at the Hoo Family Christmas Talent Show, Lizzy Hoo stops in for a quick chat about her Sydney Comedy Festival debut, Lizzy Hoo – Hoo Am I? (What’s My Name?). 


When and where was your first gig and how did it go?

I did a stand-up comedy course at Sydney Community College and there is a show at the end of the course where you can invite friends and family to come along. There were about 10 comics on and 200 supporters – it was such a nice warm welcome to stand-up comedy. I was hooked after that.

What do you love most about being a comedian?

Apart from getting free food and drinks (not bragging), I love it when a new joke works – that’s a pretty good feeling.

What can we expect from your debut Sydney Comedy Festival show?

I joke about my mixed-race heritage (Chinese Malaysian /Aussie Irish), my dad Chan, shark attacks, KeepCups and dating white guys. Plus some other hot topics.

Your best advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in comedy?

If you want to have a go – just try it and then keep trying. I held off for so long and wish I had started comedy earlier.

The funniest person you know who’s not a comedian and why?

My dad Chan. He’s a pretty big name on Brisbane’s ukulele circuit. He’s honestly so funny and doesn’t even know it. I talk him up and he never disappoints. At my 18th birthday party at midnight he turned the hose on and hosed everyone out of the party yelling out “Party’s over, get out of my house.”

Your hot tips for this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival?

Try and see someone you don’t know – check out the FRESH program! Top picks for me are Sparrow Folk, Phil Wang, Fern Brady, Fran Middleton and Cait Johnson. Also, Emma’s Snack Bar has the best Lebanese food and is near the Enmore. This would be a good post-show. If you go there pre-show you might be too full to laugh.

LizzyHoo from Lizzy Hoo on Vimeo.

Grab your tickets to Lizzy Hoo’s Sydney comedy Debut HERE


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