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The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby


No Offence, None Taken

Pleasure Enthusiast

Classic Stitch-up

Kicking & Screaming

Make The World A Banter Place

Sorry, But It's True

Mortal Komedy 2: Cruise Control

Return to the Village

Back In Business

Maximum Delicious

Degrassi Junior High: The Dining Experience

This Ain't No Packet Of Fads

Comedy Showcase

Things I've Never Said

Unfounded Confidence

Cooking For No One

A Comedy In 3 Acts

Hosted by Captain Fun Pants & Pirate No Beard

Sydney Comedy Festival Gala!

Utopia: Now in 3D!

Where's Rathy?

Control Alt Delete: The Funny Side Of Computers

G.O.D. (Gold. Oil. Drugs)

Watch Your Mouth

Let's Never Hang Out

Appetite for Self Destruction

Onwards & Upwards

Bitter Smiedt Symphony

Sexy Legal Drama

Look What You Made Me Do

The Art of the Dil

Near Death Experience

Dusty Rich and the Voices

The Year of Magical Fucking

A huge night of laughs to round out the 2017 Festival!

Late Night Comedy

A Few of My Favourite Things

Frenchy Unleashed

Hollywood Calling

A line up of the funniest women!

Garden St Boys Make A Movie LIVE

Am I Who I Say I Am?

Give the gift of LOLs

Whatever Happened to Gigi Fontaine?

To The Moon and Back

Let's All Get In a Room Together

The Golden Goose Award

Theatresports National Championships

ITS Axel Cobretti Undercover

Just A Small Town Boy

Jacques Barrett is Particularly Good at This

Young, Dumb & Full of Pun!

Jason Byrne is Propped Up

The Fault In Our Sitars

We Remember 2016

Jewish Comedy Showcase

Sex Lies & Videogames

Renonsense Man

That’s The Way Aha Aha, Joe Lycett

Me, Myself & Cunny

Corporate Breakfast

The Family Lifeboat

Well That's Disappointing

You're Welcome

Spiders Wearing Party Hats

Kids In The Kitchen

Rough Diamanté

Merry Christmas ISIS

Madeleine and the Collapsing Fabrics of Time

That's (un)Australian!

A Blunt Instrument

Nothing You Do Means Anything

Reluctance to Adult

Tom Walker & Bridie Connell

Not In This House


You Don't Have To Be Anything

Nikki Britton is Romanticide

The Glass System

5-Step Guide to Being German

Pterodactyl Nights

'Tis A Pity She's A Piglet

Improvised To-Do Lists

Puppetry of the Penis

Hosted by Maeve Marsden

That's Me Talking

Only Alcohol Past This Point

Punching Down

Hero Complex

Welcome to the Moon!


Dumb Song Night

The Wendigo: A Comedy With Teeth

A Singalong

The Coolest Kid In Competitive Chess

Joe Avati, George Kapiniaris, Rob & Tahir

Fake It Till You Make It

at Sutherland Entertainment Centre

at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

The Last Cabaret on Earth - ENCORE SHOW

Appropriately Inappropriate

Hosted by Glenn Grimwood & Jez Watts

Chris Radburn, Katie Burch & Sean Woodland

Steen Raskopoulos & Carlo Ritchie

Romeo & Juliet Improvised

The 2017 Sydney Uni Revue

Ladies and Gentlemen

Mandy Nolan & Ellen Briggs

The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen

Yo Mama Battle! 2017