Makedonka Stoilova


Venue, Date & Time

Factory Theatre

Sat 3rd Aug 2019 - 7:00 pm

Show Duration


Ticket Price Range

$15.00 - $20.00

Recommended For

All Ages
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Coming out of a sold out season in the 2018 Sydney Comedy Festival with her show 'Adulting', Makedonka has grown up (kinda!) and will discuss her thoughts and views on the world in a time of outrageous beauty standards, public dramas and political scandals.

She is still not sure which generation she fits into but will aim to dissect her thoughts on a plethora of issues surrounding her and her peers in only 1 hour by using a substantial amount of superfluous words that may make no sense at all and will be difficult for her to pronounce and memorise. 

Brace yourselves, bring your thesauruses, pens and notebooks because this show will not be a floccinaucinihilipilification. 




"She'll have you laughing your socks off" - Servo Food Truck Bar

"Hilarious!" - Short and Sweet

"Refreshing new up and comer!" - Flappers Comedy Club


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