Katharyn Henson (USA)

Ew Girl, You Nasty

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Factory Theatre

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 - 9:30pm

Fri 24th Apr 2020 - 9:30pm

Sat 25th Apr 2020 - 9:30pm

Sun 26th Apr 2020 - 8:30pm

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$22.00 - $26.00

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Ages 15+
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EVENT CANCELLED - Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, this show has been cancelled. All Patrons will receive information from Ticketek regarding refunds.

This show was going to be titled "I Used to Eat Dog Food" but that would have meant leaving out all material about the drugs, the sex dungeon, the legendary yeast infection, and everything else in between.These true stories sound like lies because they are delivered to you by someone who looks like a pre-school teacher but sounds like she gives away quarters at a casino. This curated mess is tasteless and chronicles the life and times of Katharyn Henson, a New York City comedian with a penchant for hedonism but with the look of Jackie O with a drug problem. Katharyn is not a doctor, she is not a lawyer, but she is scandalous, smutty, & smart.

"This show is a blast! This is hair-raising stand-up of the kind that used to be the exclusive territory of the Bad Boy Comics. And this woman is kicking some serious comedy ass in their playground." - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

"Plenty of laughs to be had" ★★★★ - The Skinny

"Brilliant comic observation after brilliant comic observation." - Pop Dust

Katharyn performs nightly in New York City working at many of the major clubs including but not limited to New York Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, The Stand, Broadway Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, The Comic Strip, & Caroline's. She has hosted shows in the New York Comedy Festival for three years running.
Since January 2020, Katharyn has been touring in the UK and during her short time there, has become a regular at Top Secret Comedy Club and won The Blackout Comedy Competition at Up the Creek. Prior to running her hour in Sydney, Katharyn will be completing a run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In addition to festivals and club spots, Katharyn is also happy to perform comedy for two people in a McDonald's at midnight if they will have her.

Katharyn's other projects include co-hosting the podcasts "Somewhat Scientific" with Meghan Walsh. This year she hopes to finally pay off an antique ring she bought on credit.

This show is a blast. 

This is hair-raising stand-up of the kind that used to be the exclusive territory of the Bad Boy Comics. And this woman is kicking some serious comedy ass in their playground.

Katharyn Henson has, not to put too fine a point on it, been about a bit. And she weaves crystal meth and dog food, sleeping with losers and cocaine culture into a surprisingly charming 40 minutes. You get the feeling there is so much more to come from her, if the section on sports as the way forward for rape prevention is anything to go by.She now manages a sex dungeon and the twenty somethings in her front row who had been shocked at her crystal meth material now just blush and giggle. “You are looking at me the way my mother looks at me” she says to one of them. Katharyn’s surprise bonus warm-up is Michael di Angelo, who has the best body hair and cunnilingus jokes in Edinburgh. Well worth the trek to The Golf Tavern.

- Kate Copstick, The Scotsman (UK)


"★★★★" As Katharyn Henson starts her hour with an anecdote about eating dog food as a child, we get a pretty quick sense of her wild and self-deprecating style, which somehow manages to build and build from there as the show goes on. She takes great pleasure in all things obscene and if you’re willing to go along with it, there’s plenty of laughs to be had as she pushes the limits of what the audience find tolerable.

There’s a lot of fun to be had over the hour, particularly if you prefer your comedy on the darker side. Henson covers a tremendous amount of ground with her vulgarity and free-spiritedness, making it the more enjoyable as she explores literally every nook and cranny, an analogy comparing coke to a board game being a real highlight.

- Thomas Hamill, The Skinny (UK)


Katharyn Henson is something else. The term "shock comic" has such a bombastic, male connotation to it that to use it to describe Henson seems somehow wrong. Her stand-up is shocking but only for the fact that her life is shocking. Her presentation of her own experiences doing meth, eating dog food, and working in a sex dungeon are brilliantly underplayed and matter-of-fact. She then uses this false sense of security to side-swipe her audience and filter in brilliant comic observation after brilliant comic observation. You won't see many comics like Henson at the Fringe or anywhere else.

- PopDust (USA)


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